Greater Metropolitan
Missionary Baptist Church

5856 S. Wabash Avenue, Chicago, IL  60637
"Building relationships to build up people to build the Kingdom"

Christian Education

Church School
The church school is the teaching arm of the church. It helps fulfill the mission of the church by providing effective teaching and evangelism activities: Ministries within the Christian Education Department are:
· WoRM teaches biblical basics to children and youth
· Young Adult / College & Career provides biblical framework for dealing with life issues
· Union Gospel-Standard Baptist bible curriculum for adults
· New Members Class-understanding the promises of Christian life
· Women’s Study Class-study areas pertinent to women from a biblical perspective
· Leadership Development Class-provides biblically based training for leadership

Mid-week Bible Class
Wednesday AM giving biblical solutions to today’s issues Sunday.

Parent Youth Leadership Council (PYLC)
This ministry focuses on the Christian development of our young people. It is designed to reach and teach our young people about life and love with Jesus Christ. This ministry is also about teaching our young people the “Ships”: Membership, Discipleship, Fellowship, Worship, Stewardship, Relationship, Leadership, Hardship, and Friendship.

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