Greater Metropolitan
Missionary Baptist Church

5856 S. Wabash Avenue, Chicago, IL  60637
"Building relationships to build up people to build the Kingdom"

Outreach & Service

Board of Deacons
A group of members appointed by our pastor, who have dedicated themselves first to God in carrying out the mission of Jesus Christ and secondly, to assisting the pastor in the day to day operations of the church. Each deacon is responsible for the overseeing of a ministry.

Department of Mission
The Department of Missions develops missionary minded Christians who will focus on showing benevolence to those in need.

Feeding Ministry
Demonstrates Godís love through the preparation & serving of meals to those in need. Service opportunities include cooks, servers, cleaning staff, worship participation.

Evangelism Explosion
A group of dedicated individuals who are trained and provide training in witnessing the good news of the Lord to others.

Metro Community Outreach (MCO)
MCO assists the surrounding community by providing job placement services, energy relief assistance, and drug/rehabilitation placement. MCO also aids those in need of food and shelter, those who require assistance in paying rent, and finding nursing facilities and/or in-home help for the elderly and ill.

Recovery Ministry
Provides guidance and support to those seeking to overcome life additions through application of spiritual framework and therapy techniques.

Vacation Bible School / Summer Camp
Offers children time to increase their understanding of God through creativity and exploration.

Washington Park Neighbor Association
An organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in Washington Park through civic, educational and social initiatives.

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