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"Adapting, Welcoming, Serving, Growing in Faith"

Study & Learning

Studying and Learning for All Ages;

1. Christian Education is an important part of our faith. No matter what age you are, you can continue learning about God, Jesus, the Bible, and how it fits into our daily life. Christian Education also includes making new relationships with others, serving the church and the wider community, as well as having FUN. Church School starts on Sunday, September 17, from 9:15 am to 10:00 am for ages 3 to adult. During this time, nursery care will be provided for those under age 3.

Three classes plus Nursery are available. The classes are 1) Primary Kids Sunday School (children ages 3 years to second grade) meets in Splat room and uses Living the Word curriculum; 2) Intermediate Kids Sunday School (3rd grade and up) meets in the Library and uses Living the Word curriculum; and 3.) Adult Sunday School meets in the side room off the sanctuary and uses varied lesson plans.

2. Kids' FUN and FAITH will begin on October 16th, Noon to 1:30 pm. School age children are welcome to participate in Kid's Fun and Faith (KFF). KFF is different from Sunday School, more like a pre-youth group. Past years KFF has explored faith practices (things we do as people following Jesus)and the fruits of the Spirit through cooking, drama, scavenger hunts, Bible reading, games and whatever wacky and fun things we come up with! For more information, please contact Cory P. and Pastor Becky.

3. Fun and Faith - Second Sundays October though May following Worship - Everyone of all ages is invited to Fun and Faith. After a light lunch, awesomeness ensues! The activity might be learning more about some aspect of faith or might be playing Pictionary or making crafts for our homebound members or trying your hand at poetry or playing a Bible quiz game or something else entirely. It's always a surprise and always lots of fun. Join us in Fellowship Hall following Worship on the second Sunday from October to May. For more information, please contact Judy S.

4. Individual/Communal Bible Reading - If participating in a group activity isn't your style, we periodically read through the Bible together on out own time. If you've never read the entire Bible, reading it knowing others are doing the same is helpful. Check the monthly newsletter for what books of the Bible we're reading when or see Pastor Becky for a schedule. Also, if you ever would like to talk about what you read in the Bible, Pastor Becky always welcomes the opportunity for such conversations

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