One United Church of Christ

1730 New Holland Road, Kenhorst, Reading, PA  19607
"Adapting, Welcoming, Serving, Growing in Faith"

This is an exciting time in our communal life together. We’re discovering God’s surprises and we hope that you will be one of God’s surprises to our community. Come and worship and share in fellowship with us…there’s a place for you here!
Payday loans are the best here!
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Payday loans are the best here!
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 6:00 PM – Narcotics Anonymous Meeting (6 pm to 8pm)
 11:30 AM – Busy Bag Pick-up (Front of Church)
 7:30 PM – Come as You Are AA Meeting
  Busy Bags Available for Pick-up on March 7
  Virtual learning is tough for everyone. We want to make it a bit easier for kids and the adults who love them! On March 7th, One UCC is giving out Busy Bags with a snack and several simple activities to keep elementary aged kids busy until you're available to fix a Zoom link, answer a question, or the million other things you are trying to balance. The Busy Bags will be available in drive-up fashion starting around 11:30am, so stop by on March 7th to receive yours. RSVP on Facebook (, email the church (, and please share with anyone interested!

  5 Things You Need to Know This Week at One UCC
  1. Join in the adventure of winter Outdoor Worship! Outdoor worship for February 28th is cancelled due to weather. Save the date for future Drive-in/Outdoor Worship Services: March 14th, March 28th, and April 5th (Easter).

2. Council meets on Tuesday at 6:30pm. Mission Committee meets on Wednesday also at 6:30pm. Council and committee meetings are open meetings, and if you would like to attend either meeting, please contact the church office for more information about how to attend, especially in these virtual days.

3. The Little Food Pantry is getting good use in front of the church! In fact, it’s getting such good use that we’re about out of dry goods that won’t freeze in cold weather! Any donations you can make right now are most appreciated. The Mission Committee is trying something new, and for the month of February suggests a box of mac and cheese, instant potatoes, and powdered milk. See the note in the bulletin for more details. Thank you for your support of this ministry!

4. If Easter eggs aren’t your thing, the Mission Committee is looking for 12 people who would be willing to sponsor a flower arrangement for our homebound members for Easter. See details later in the bulletin.

5. What says spring more than getting ready for One UCC’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt (Drive-in fashion) on March 27th? Right now, we’re asking for donations of small candy and such that would fit into plastic eggs or cash for prize eggs. See more details later in the bulletin.

  March Happenings: Annual Easter Egg Hunt and Remembering Our Shut-Ins
  ***One UCC’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt will be held in Drive in fashion on Saturday, March 27th 2-4pm. Instead of asking people to fill plastic eggs, this year we’re asking for just the things that go in the eggs. Ideas include small candies, cash for prize eggs, or small toys. Any donations can be dropped off during Outdoor Worship services or by calling the church office and arranging a time during the week. The church office is staffed by someone Sundays 9am-noon, Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 8:30am 11:00am, and Wednesdays 5:30-7:30pm. Please call first to make sure schedules haven’t changed. Thank you for your support!

***In lieu of ordering Easter flowers for an Easter Sunday worship service, the Mission Committee is inviting 12 people to sponsor flowers for our homebound members. The flowers will be used on Palm Sunday and then given to our homebound members to let them know we’re remembering them at Easter. Details are still in the works, but we know flowers will be $10 per arrangement. Sign up details will be available next week.

  Lent Worship Series: Sins the Church are Afraid to Talk about...Wastefulness
  With the change of seasons in the church year comes a change in worship series. Throughout Lent, we’re talking about the sins the Church are afraid to talk about.

Our lives are lived in the midst of stuff. We have stuff. We have to take care of stuff. We want more stuff. Where does all this stuff come from and where does it go? And what does the Bible say about our stuff? Find out this week as we consider stuff, wastefulness, and stewardship.

Lent invites us to examine our relationship with God and gives us the opportunity to strengthen what has grown complacent, to examine what no longer is life-giving, to offer in hope what is broken and in need of healing and grace. Here are two easy ways to strengthen your practice of faith this Lent...pick one or both!

-- Go deeper with your faith using the Daily Lenten Devotional that can be downloaded here:

-- A classic but never trite Lenten practice is reading the Bible. If you'd like to read more scripture and don't how to start or if you'd like to read scripture with others reading the same passages, follow along with this Lenten Gospel reading adventure:

  ***Save the Dates: Outdoor Worship for March, and April 2021
  ***Save the Dates: We are planning to hold outdoor, drive-in worship at 10:30am on March 14, March 28th, and April 5 (Easter Sunday). Yes, we are going to try to continue worship outside in winter. Yes, we realize it’s cold. If people can be outside for hours to watch sporting events, hunt, or walk around festivals, we can handle a half-hour worship service. Pray for good weather!

During the cold-weather outdoor worship services, stay in your warm car, and tune your radio to 89.7 FM . Feel free to keep your car running (for heat). You can certainly turn off your car, if you wish, but your car will not remain heated, and there is a chance of draining your car battery using the car radio (unless you choose to bring a portable radio). Services are approximately 30 minutes, and running your car for that amount of time uses about ¼ gallon of gas, on average. No social distancing is required in cars, so cars can park in every space. There will be no outside speakers set up, so you will not be able to hear the service without your car, or portable, radio. Most car radios are digital and allow you to precisely tune to 89.7, whereas portable radios that require manual tuning are harder to dial in the precise frequency. The church radio transmitter has a very small range, and can only broadcast to the church parking lot – your radio at home will not pick up the signal.

  Church Office Hours are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, 8:30am-11:00am.

Pastor Becky’s office hours are Sundays 9am - noon and Wednesdays 5:30-7:30pm. Please call before you stop by to make sure no one’s schedule has changed, and please wear a mask.

In case you need the contact information:
• We are on Facebook and search for One United Church of Christ! Like our page!
• Pastor Becky’s Contact Info: 610-621-2891, home phone 301-471-3185, cell phone/texting

The fastest way to reach Pastor Becky is by texting her cell phone.

  Director of Music Contact During 2021
  Jeff Miller, Director of Music, can be reached via his cell (contact church for the number) and by email (

  Missed a Sunday? Listen to Podcast on this website
  Podcasts of the Sunday services are now available on the church website (

Currently the podcasts start with November services and will be swapped out weekly for the next few weeks until we are caught up with the current service.

If you missed worship on Sunday or would like to hear parts of it again, please listen to the podcast.

  Hearts Full of Prayer
  Our Hope is in God

"I put all my hope in the Lord. He leaned down to me; he listened to my cry for help. 2 He lifted me out of the pit of death, out of the mud and filth, and set my feet on solid rock. He steadied my legs. 3 He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise for our God." (Psalm 40:1-3a, NRSV)

Our sanctuary now holds over 23,000 hearts in remembrance of those who have died from Covid-19 in Pennsylvania. January 13th was the single deadliest day of the pandemic in the United States with over 4,400 dying. Try to imagine that number of white hearts in our sanctuary (hint: we started with over 4,000 in May), and remember at this rate, the deaths in the US will equal the total amount of hearts we have in the sanctuary in less than 4 days. While we're all tired of mitigation measures, they are as important as ever. In addition to praying, please keep making choices that value everyone's life.

  Dear Revs Episode 23 - The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
  It's almost the most wonderful time of the year--Lent! The Revs. Hoover love Lent and share all the ways to deepen and grow your faith this Lent at both Good Shepherd and One UCC. Watch episode 23 here:

We continue to post Wednesday afternoon videos, but we're giving it up for Lent. If you have a burning faith question or something you would like to see us discuss in Eastertide, please send it to Pastor Becky ( All askers will be kept anonymous.

  CAN you spare a minute...
  Did you know One UCC collects aluminum beverage cans we recycle to help fund our ministry? We will gladly take any aluminum beverage cans you drop off at church. If you wish to drop some off, please call the office (610-777-5211) to arrange a time to do so. **Please note we ONLY accept aluminum beverage cans. Please do not give us your tin cans (pet food cans, fruit cans, etc...)

  The Little Food Pantry Continues!
   Have you noticed the clear storage box that is out front? That is our Little Food Pantry. We are asking for donations of dry goods only for the winter months, due to concerns about freezing. Dry goods include pastas, cereals, beans, rice, etc…. Donations can be placed directly in the Little Food Pantry. If the box is full, please place donations inside the church, near the sofa. The Little Food Pantry will be monitored a few times a week to make sure that it is continually stocked. A sign will be placed on the box explaining about our new program! Anyone who is in need may walk up and take what they want/need. If you have any questions, call or text Katie Szajek (610-823-7692). Thank you for all your support getting this off of the ground!

If you would like to contribute to the Little Food Pantry and aren’t sure what to pick up, for the month of February, the Mission Committee suggests donations of mac and cheese, instant potatoes, and powdered milk. Please remember to purchase things without liquid for the winter months. Thank you for your support!

Welcome to One United Church of Christ. Our church has a new vision statement: "Adapting, Welcoming, Serving, Growing in Faith." Come join us for worship service at 10:30 am on Sunday as we continue to grow this new vision. Our liturgies are crafted in a new way that is welcoming and easy to follow. Our music programs are outstanding with the leadership of our Director of Music, Jeff Miller, who is also composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist for Simon Apple, and Celtic World Orchestra. We hope you will come visit soon and experience our warm hospitality!

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