One United Church of Christ

1730 New Holland Road, Kenhorst, Reading, PA  19607
"Adapting, Welcoming, Serving, Growing in Faith"

This is an exciting time in our communal life together. We’re discovering God’s surprises and we hope that you will be one of God’s surprises to our community. Come and worship and share in fellowship with us…there’s a place for you here!
 7:30 PM – Come as You Are AA Meeting
 6:00 PM – Narcotics Anonymous Meeting (6 pm to 8pm)
 12:00 PM – Linda Schreiber Memorial Service
 10:30 AM – Worship Service
 11:30 AM – Filled Easter Eggs Must Be Returned by March 26
 7:00 AM – Candy Making
 7:00 AM – Candy Making
  Mission Ministry: Umbrella Drive for March
  During the month of March, the Mission Ministry is holding an umbrella drive for elementary schools in Reading. Most elementary students in the Reading School District walk to school and so umbrellas are a constant need. If you have any spare umbrellas that are in good condition or any new umbrellas, especially child-sized, please bring them to church in March. They will find good homes. Thank you for your support!

  Lenten Worship Series and Devotional Information
  Lent we are delving into the spiritual phenomena of Jesus' ministry--exorcisms, demon possession, healing prayer, and casting curses. In our rational, diagnosis-loving world, how do we hold this side of Jesus, where he wrestled with forces we struggle to acknowledge, much less understand. Usually we think of Jesus working miracles and blessing people with his power, but this week we hear the strange little story of him cursing a fig tree. We hope you will join us for worship!

A daily Lenten devotional written by local UCC pastors is available for download at:

Paper copies may be picked up at church. Blessings on your Lenten journey!

  Community Easter Egg Hunt
  One UCC’s Annual Community Easter Egg Hunt will be held on on Saturday, April 2nd beginning at 2pm for ages 0 to 12 years old. The egg hunt will be rain or shine.

If you took a bag of eggs to fill please return the filled eggs no later than March 26th. Monetary donations are needed to offset the cost of prices. Please see Judy Spencer if you wish to contribute. Help is needed the day of the egg hunt. See Judy Spencer if you can help.

  Lenten Soup Lunches for 2023
  This year we will do an abbreviated version of our soup lunches. Last soup lunch is at the end of Lent, April 2. Plan to join us for good homemade soup and fellowship.

  Spring Candy Making Dates and Order information
  Spring candy making dates for Easter candy are: March 21, 27 and 28. Candy making will start at 7am. If interested in helping make candy, please contact Laurie Biehl.

For theSpring sale, one pound boxes of Peanut Butter, Butter Cream, Coconut Cream, and Mint will be available at the cost of $12.00/pound box.

Half pound boxes of Peanut Butter, Butter Cream, Coconut Cream, Mint and Marshmallow will be sold for $6.00.

If you would like to place an order, please complete an order form at church or download and send in the digital form from JcO8xW9D/view?usp=sharing.
Early orders are encouraged to help the candy makers plan accordingly!

First pick-up date for orders is Tuesday, March 7, starting at 7 am to noon. Early orders and pickups are greatly appreaciated.

Order deadline is Friday, March 24, by Noon. Orders can be called into the church office at (610) 777-5211.

  Easter Flowers Can be Ordered until April 2
  Easter Flowers can be ordered by calling the church or filling out the order form on the bulletin board in the back of the sanctuary.

Lilies, Red Tulips, Pink Tulips, Yellow Tulips, Orange Tulips, Purple Hyacinth All flowers are $11.00

Deadline to order is Sunday, April 2nd.

  “Free Market” community event on Saturday, May 20th
  One UCC is looking at the possibility of hosting a “Free Market” community event on Saturday, May 20th. This event is just in the planning and dreaming stages. We’re envisioning something like a flea market except everything is free. This would be a great way to get rid of usable items you have around your house and don’t know what to do with OR if you’re looking for an item come and peruse what people bring. We’re also exploring having food trucks come and some activities for kids. This would be a great way to bring the community together and meet more of our neighbors! If you are interested in helping or planning, please talk with Pastor Becky.

  Director of Music Seeking Choir and Handbell Members for 2022-23
  Want to sing in choir, or be in the bell choir? Or want to try it to see if you enjoy it? No commitment! Simply talk to Jeff, or contact him via cell (610-406-1664), or email ( For now, rehearsals are as needed, not weekly. Choir rehearsal is occasional, after Sunday service, for about 15 minutes. Bells are also occasional, typically on a Wednesday, for 45 minutes starting at 6:30 or 7pm. Reading music is not required, or necessary. It’s all very low-key, no pressure, and flexible to accommodate everyone’s schedule. Also, anyone who would like to perform special music in the service at any time, please contact Jeff.

  We're Now on Instagram!
  One UCC has launched an Instagram account! The Holy Spirit called One to venture into a new space to share the ministry of the Church with others. By venturing into a new space, we hope to share our ministry with a wider variety of people. If you would like to follow this account, you can go to Instagram and search for OneUCCKenhorst or One United Church of Christ.

  Director of Music Contact Information
  Jeff Miller, Director of Music, can be reached via his cell (contact church for the number) and by email (

  Did you know we have a weekly church email?
  If you would like to receive the latest One UCC news and updates, please email and let us know you would like to subscribe or let Pastor Becky know you’d like to subscribe.

The weekly church email usually arrives on Thursdays or Fridays. If you have subscribed but aren’t finding it, check your junk mail settings.

  Missed a Sunday? Listen to Podcast on this website
  Podcasts of the Sunday services are now available on the church website (

Currently the podcasts start with November services and will be swapped out weekly for the next few weeks until we are caught up with the current service.

If you missed worship on Sunday or would like to hear parts of it again, please listen to the podcast.

  Introducing Eat-Pray-Meet
  These are strange times to be Church. Noting current realities that we want our congregation to be as informed about church happenings as possible so that we can have adequate input into church matters and noting the recent difficulty of finding Council members, we’re exploring changing the format of Council. Rather than elect Elders and hold a monthly Council meeting of Elders, Officers, and Pastors, we would like to explore having a monthly meeting of our congregation that includes everyone! This meeting would be called Eat-Pray-Meet, and we’re envisioning it would take place the second Sunday of the month after worship (and involve a meal).

Everyone is invited to attend, everyone can give input, and everyone can vote, like in a congregational meeting. Rather than having Elders, we would move toward having an Executive Committee made up of a Moderator, Assistant Moderator, Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and the Pastors. The Executive Committee would make nominations for the offices and ask the congregation to approve the nominations as we currently do for Elders and the financial offices.

We are hoping to test this new format and live into a new way of being church together before addressing the bylaws. The current bylaws were created for a different reality of being a small congregation together. The pandemic and current societal trends necessitate changes that we will live into and then codify.

Council is next meeting on Sunday, December 11th following worship, and if you would like to come to the early part of that Council meeting and ask questions or hear more information, you are invited. We will be discussing this Eat-Pray-Meet proposal and looking to move into this new format following our annual congregational meeting in January.

  CAN you spare a minute...
  Did you know One UCC collects aluminum beverage cans we recycle to help fund our ministry? We will gladly take any aluminum beverage cans you drop off at church. If you wish to drop some off, please call the office (610-777-5211) to arrange a time to do so. **Please note we ONLY accept aluminum beverage cans. Please do not give us your tin cans (pet food cans, fruit cans, etc...)

  New Church Safety Measures
  Starting this Sunday, February 5th, we will be implementing new safety measures during worship services. All doors to the church building will be opened a half-hour prior to the start of worship and locked again as the service begins. Anyone who shows up early and does not have a key or anyone who arrives after the start of worship may go to the glass doors facing New Holland Road to access the building. Please note that the glass doors by the choir room will become exit only and will not be unlocked for worship. As you leave the building, please make sure the doors are fully closed and latched behind you. Thank you for your cooperation!

  Online Giving is Here!!!
  We’re so excited to tell you we have a new giving platform, easyTithe! You are crucial in helping us launch. If you would like to set up a gift on the new platform so you can become familiar with it and help us move forward, please use this link:

You can set up an account or make a contribution without setting up an account. (If you think you would like to regularly give to One UCC online, you might wish to set up an account.) Right now when you make a donation online, it goes into the “General Budget” fund, which would be similar to making a general offering physically at church.

We are still testing easyTithe, and so any feedback you have is most appreciated. If online giving is not your thing, that’s perfectly fine. One UCC will continue to receive your financial contributions as we always have.

  Help Both Our Church and Our Planet at the Same Time!
  You can do that by recycling your used printer ink cartridges through Planet Green Recycling!

There are two ways to participate.
1. Drop off used ink cartridges at church and we will submit to “Planet Green Recycling”


2. Mail in cartridges yourself doing the following: a. Open the following link on PC:
b. Click on item 2 “Free USPS Label”
c. Fill in label request:
i. Your First and Last Name
ii. Your Email address
iii. Organization Program Code: Enter 31591
iv. Address - Enter Church address:
1730 New Holland Road
Kenhorst, Pa. 19607
v. Identify how many cartridges YOU MUST SEND AT LEAST 4
vi. You will receive a prepaid label in your email to mail in cartridges
vii. Box up cartridges, attached label and drop off at post office

Check will be mailed directly to “One United Church of Christ. The church will receive $1.00 for every cartridge (commonly used cartridges).

If you choose to mail in your cartridges yourself, it is very important to make sure to include the church’s Organization Program Code so we receive credit for your cartridges.

Thank you so much for your support!!!

  Protocols for Indoor Worship:
  The service is at 10:30am
• If you are sick or feeling unwell, we kindly ask you to worship from home.
•Masks are encouraged but not required when inside the building for worship.
If you are more comfortable wearing a mask, please continue to do so. As we have been, we are following CDC guidance and best faith practices with these recommendations.
Social distancing will be encouraged.Please note the pews that are roped off are closed to help with spacing and please keep those pews closed.
Contact tracing will continue so that in case someone attends worship and tests positive for Covid, we can appropriately inform others who were also present.
• Windows will be open to some extent to provide additional ventilation in the sanctuary.
• Worship will include congregational singing.
• Our already additional and thorough cleaning of the church building will continue.

As we worship indoors, please be mindful everyone’s experience in the pandemic has been different. Also, please be aware some are in contact with people who are unvaccinated either by choice or circumstance. Some people may be okay with a physical greeting and some people may continue to appreciate 6 feet of space around them. Conversation is the key to navigating each other’s contact comfort levels, and so please check in with each other.

Even on Sundays when we are having indoor worship, the service still will be available on YouTube, live at 10:30am and a recorded copy of the live service later on Sunday and throughout the week.

  The Little Food Pantry Continues!
  Have you noticed the black cabinet out front? That is our Little Food Pantry. It continues to get good use and back stock is low. Any donations, or monetary donations if you don't want to go shopping, are appreciated.

Donations can be placed directly in the Little Food Pantry. Now that the weather has warmed up, any sort of donations are being accepted. Donations can be placed directly in the Little Food Pantry.

If the box is full, please place donations inside the church, near the sofa. The Little Food Pantry will be monitored a few times a week to make sure that it is continually stocked. Anyone who is in need may walk up and take what they want/need. If you have any questions, call church office. Thank you for all your support!

  Please note the church office hours are changing due to staffing. While the office is checked regularly, we do not have set hours right now outside of our pastoral staff’s office hours. Pastor Becky has office hours only on Sundays 9am-noon. Nancy McNabb has office hours on Tuesdays from 9:30am-12:30pm. Please call before you stop by to make sure no one’s schedule has changed.

In case you need the contact information:
• We are on Facebook and search for One United Church of Christ! Like our page!
• Pastor Becky’s Contact Info: 610-621-2891, home phone 301-471-3185, cell phone/texting

The fastest way to reach Pastor Becky is by texting her cell phone.

Welcome to One United Church of Christ. Our church has a new vision statement: "Adapting, Welcoming, Serving, Growing in Faith." Come join us for worship service at 10:30 am on Sunday as we continue to grow this new vision. Our liturgies are crafted in a new way that is welcoming and easy to follow. Our music programs are outstanding with the leadership of our Director of Music, Jeff Miller, who is also composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist for Simon Apple and Celtic World Orchestra. We hope you will come visit soon and experience our warm hospitality!

Questions, please email us at

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