One United Church of Christ

1730 New Holland Road, Kenhorst, Reading, PA  19607
"Adapting, Welcoming, Serving, Growing in Faith"

This is an exciting time in our communal life together. We’re discovering God’s surprises and we hope that you will be one of God’s surprises to our community. Come and worship and share in fellowship with us…there’s a place for you here!
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 7:30 PM – Come as You Are AA Meeting
 6:30 PM – Mission Committee Meeting
 6:00 PM – Narcotics Anonymous Meeting (6 pm to 8pm)
 10:30 AM – Worship Service (check whether service is indoors or outdoors)
 9:30 AM – Sunday School
  by Linda Schrieber

God planted seeds in the fall
So we will have food to eat.
Corn and wheat grow real tall
Pumpkins being carved for trick or treat.

  5 Things You Need to Know This Week at One UCC
  1. We will be observing All Saints’ Sunday on Sunday, November 7th. If you would like a loved one who has died since November 1, 2020 to be remembered in the service, please give the person’s name and date of death to the church office no later than Sunday, October 31st.

2. The Mission Committee is meeting Wednesday evening at 6:30pm. If you would like to know more about this committee or be part of our congregation’s outreach in the community, please plan to attend.

3. The Little Food Pantry has continued to receive much use. If you need to make use of it, the pantry is out front for you. Any donations you can pick up to share with our neighbors are most appreciated.

4. Sunday School for children and adults is happening at 9:30am on Sundays. Everybody is welcome to join in and deepen your faith. For more details, please contact the church office or Pastor Becky.

5. If you wish to sponsor altar flowers ($30) or the weekly bulletin ($5) during the remainder of 2021, please look for the sign up sheets in the back of the sanctuary.

  Future of the Church Meeting Update
  In February 2020, we voted on a plan for the future of One UCC and a month later, the pandemic struck. During this period, Pastor Becky transitioned from full-time to a part-time, bivocational pastor based on a sense of call rather than financial pressure. The congregational plans we envisioned in early 2020 no longer seem relevant.

The Future of the Church team met on September 20 to discuss and discern the congregation’s next steps. The team wishes to share the list of positives and negatives with the congregation.

The positives for One UCC include: technological growth (YouTube worship services, livestream worship, upgrade to internet connection and hardware, weekly email); new faces in the congregation; financial giving is the same as pre-pandemic; the White Hearts project has increased media exposure of our congregation; love of outdoor worship; Little Food Pantry ministry; recycling ink cartridges project; busy bags project during virtual learning; control of the Happel Fund; direct deposit for staff; internal audit of financial records completed; lay visitation ministry; and sending the bulletin with devotional thought weekly to our non-computer using members.

The negatives included: Covid; no holiday bazaar (2020 – 2021); no candy making; inability to fully use the building; and sanctuary poor filtration.

The true measure of a congregation's success is not in how many people show up on a Sunday, how many are on the books, or what ministries it offers. The true measure of a congregation is how faithful it is to the gospel of Jesus Christ when life is tough and overwhelming and how caring it is about the people around it and within it. In those respects, we have succeeded beyond anything we could plan or control!

  Writing on the Wall: A Sign of Hope
  One of the stranger "signs" of the apocalypse is the rapture, that weird, fantastic event when the faithful will be taken into heaven to be with God before the end comes. This week we're exploring what the Bible has to say about the rapture (spoiler alert: not much). Even more, we're remembering apocalyptic writings were created to give people hope. Looking for some hope ourselves, believing better days are coming, we will gather in worship this weekend. Especially exciting, worship will be offered in a jazz style this week! Hope you will join us for worship!

  Plea for Unwanted Keys for Christmas Eve Service
  ***If you have keys you have no idea what they go to anymore and no longer have use for them, we would love to have them at church! We are looking for unwanted keys for Christmas Eve. Any keys you no longer want and are willing to donate can be dropped off to church on Sundays, during the week, Wednesday evenings, or other times by arrangement. Thank you for your help!

  ***Save the Dates: Fall Outdoor Worship Dates
  ***Save the Dates: We are planning to hold outdoor, drive-in worship at 10:30am on November 21 and December 19. The dates in November through December for outdoor worship will move indoors for bad weather.

During the cool-weather outdoor worship services, stay in your heated car, and tune your radio to 89.7 FM . Feel free to keep your car running (for heat). Services are approximately 30 minutes, and running your car for that amount of time uses about ¼ gallon of gas, on average. No social distancing is required in cars, so cars can park in every space. Most car radios are digital and allow you to precisely tune to 89.7, whereas portable radios that require manual tuning are harder to dial in the precise frequency. The church radio transmitter has a very small range, and can only broadcast to the church parking lot – your radio at home will not pick up the signal.

On Outdoor Worship Sundays, the service will be livestreamed on YouTube around noon.

  Updates for Fall Events - Bazaar and Candymaking
  ***Changes for the fall…this fall two major fundraisers and social events will not be happening again due to pandemic and other concerns. We are not making candy this fall in part due to rising Covid cases and because of our aging labor pool and the major place where we purchase chocolate and other supplies recently experienced a warehouse fire. Stay tuned for more details about spring candy making later in the year or early in 2022. Also, the Holiday Bazaar will not be happening in November due to concerns about Covid. We are thinking about doing the Bazaar in the spring or summer of 2022. Stay tuned for more details in early 2022. The most important consideration is the health and well being of our volunteers, congregation, and community, and thank you for your understanding and support.

  Church Office Hours are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, 8:30am-11:00am.

Pastor Becky’s office hours are Sundays 9am - noon and Wednesdays 5:30 am - 7:30pm. Please call before you stop by to make sure no one’s schedule has changed, and please wear a mask.

In case you need the contact information:
• We are on Facebook and search for One United Church of Christ! Like our page!
• Pastor Becky’s Contact Info: 610-621-2891, home phone 301-471-3185, cell phone/texting

The fastest way to reach Pastor Becky is by texting her cell phone.

  Help Both Our Church and Our Planet at the Same Time!
  You can do that by recycling your used printer ink cartridges through Planet Green Recycling!

There are two ways to participate.
1. Drop off used ink cartridges at church and we will submit to “Planet Green Recycling”


2. Mail in cartridges yourself doing the following: a. Open the following link on PC:
b. Click on item 2 “Free USPS Label”
c. Fill in label request:
i. Your First and Last Name
ii. Your Email address
iii. Organization Program Code: Enter 31591
iv. Address - Enter Church address:
1730 New Holland Road
Kenhorst, Pa. 19607
v. Identify how many cartridges YOU MUST SEND AT LEAST 4
vi. You will receive a prepaid label in your email to mail in cartridges
vii. Box up cartridges, attached label and drop off at post office

Check will be mailed directly to “One United Church of Christ. The church will receive $1.00 for every cartridge (commonly used cartridges).

If you choose to mail in your cartridges yourself, it is very important to make sure to include the church’s Organization Program Code so we receive credit for your cartridges.

Thank you so much for your support!!!

  Director of Music Contact During 2021
  Jeff Miller, Director of Music, can be reached via his cell (contact church for the number) and by email (

  Missed a Sunday? Listen to Podcast on this website
  Podcasts of the Sunday services are now available on the church website (

Currently the podcasts start with November services and will be swapped out weekly for the next few weeks until we are caught up with the current service.

If you missed worship on Sunday or would like to hear parts of it again, please listen to the podcast.

  Hearts Full of Prayer...We Remember...
  We remember those lost to Covid.
We remember plans disrupted and lives changed.
We remember the ache of uncertainty.
We remember the discomfort of mask-wearing,
the discomfort of sacrifice,
the inconvenience love sometimes asks.
We remember how much we mean to each other,
We remember the value of every day.
We remember we are all made in God's image.
We remember....

Over the past couple of weeks, the numbers related to Covid-19 have been encouraging from declining case counts, hospitalizations, and deaths to increased vaccination rates. Our sanctuary remains current, remembering the over 27,000 people in Pennsylvania who have died from Covid-19. The good news you can see reflected above, that it's been almost 2 months since we had to add a heart. As Pennsylvania lifts restrictions and changes protocols, as our congregation's leadership talks about resuming more normal church life, please keep grace, understanding, and compassion at the forefront of your reactions, conversations, and interactions with others. In all things, show love toward one another, especially when it's tough, especially when you disagree, and especially when love is needed most.

  CAN you spare a minute...
  Did you know One UCC collects aluminum beverage cans we recycle to help fund our ministry? We will gladly take any aluminum beverage cans you drop off at church. If you wish to drop some off, please call the office (610-777-5211) to arrange a time to do so. **Please note we ONLY accept aluminum beverage cans. Please do not give us your tin cans (pet food cans, fruit cans, etc...)

  The Little Food Pantry Continues!
  Have you noticed the black cabinet out front? That is our Little Food Pantry. It continues to get good use, and any donation is appreciated.

Donations can be placed directly in the Little Food Pantry. If the box is full, please place donations inside the church, near the sofa. The Little Food Pantry will be monitored a few times a week to make sure that it is continually stocked. Anyone who is in need may walk up and take what they want/need. If you have any questions, call or text Katie Szajek (610-823-7692). Thank you for all your support!

  Protocols for Indoor Worship:
  The service is at 10:30am
• If you are sick or feeling unwell, we kindly ask you to worship from home.
• Masks are required when inside the building for worship regardless of vaccination status.
While many people in our congregation are vaccinated, we are mindful not everyone has been or can be. As an act of hospitality and sacrifice (very Christian things to do), we are asking everyone to wear a mask while in the building for worship. We will keep revisiting this protocol as the summer wears on and public health guidance is updated.
Social distancing will be encouraged.
• Contact tracing will continue so that in case someone attends worship and tests positive for Covid, we can appropriately inform others who were also present.
• Windows will be open and the air conditioners will be running to provide as much ventilation in the sanctuary as possible.
• Worship will include congregational singing.
• Our already additional and thorough cleaning of the church building will continue.

As we move worship indoors once again, please be mindful everyone’s experience in the pandemic has been different. Also, please be aware some are in contact with people who are unvaccinated either by choice or circumstance. Some people may be okay with a physical greeting and some people may continue to appreciate 6 feet of space around them. Conversation is the key to navigating each other’s contact comfort levels, and so please check in with each other.

Welcome to One United Church of Christ. Our church has a new vision statement: "Adapting, Welcoming, Serving, Growing in Faith." Come join us for worship service at 10:30 am on Sunday as we continue to grow this new vision. Our liturgies are crafted in a new way that is welcoming and easy to follow. Our music programs are outstanding with the leadership of our Director of Music, Jeff Miller, who is also composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist for Simon Apple and Celtic World Orchestra. We hope you will come visit soon and experience our warm hospitality!

Questions, please email us at

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