One United Church of Christ

1730 New Holland Road, Kenhorst, Reading, PA  19607
"Adapting, Welcoming, Serving, Growing in Faith"

This is an exciting time in our communal life together. We’re discovering God’s surprises and we hope that you will be one of God’s surprises to our community. Come and worship and share in fellowship with us…there’s a place for you here!
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 6:30 PM – Leadersip Meeting to Discuss Re-opening church for Council, Worship Committee, and Staff
 7:30 PM – Come as You Are AA Meeting
 6:00 PM – Narcotics Anonymous Meeting (6 pm to 8pm)
 11:30 AM – One UCC's Drive-up Prayer and Blessing (11:30am - 12:30pm) Church front - wear masks
 10:30 AM – Outdoor Drive In Worship (Weather Permitting)
  Stretch VBS- THANK YOU!!
  Thank you for your support of Stretch VBS! Together with our partners at Immanuel UCC we connected with over 57 kids from 31 families! In the weeks ahead, may we continue to "stretch" our caring muscles, doing things that expand our care for creation, each other, and the community!

  Tentative Drive-in Worship Services Scheduled!
  At One UCC's May Council meeting, we discussed the possibility of outdoor, drive-in worship services ahead of Berks County being green. The latest public health guidance indicates holding drive-in worship at yellow would be a low risk activity with certain precautions in place.

We are TENTATIVELY planning to hold outdoor, drive-in worship services this summer on July 26 and August 30. However, certain conditions must be in place to have drive-in worship:

1. Berks County must be yellow or green under the reopening plan
2. No rain
3. Social distancing of 6 feet or more at all times
4. Non-worship leaders have to wear masks at all times, and worship leaders have to wear masks when not leading worship
5. If you wish to sing, you have to stay in your car (because group singing requires at least 16 feet of space between people and is a dangerous activity right now)

These are the most basic conditions we need to have in place to hold drive-in worship this summer. Further plans and instructions will be developed and communicated to you in the coming weeks.

If participating in a drive-in worship service is uncomfortable for you, please know we understand and support your decision to stay home. Worship still will be available to you in some format TBD.

  Pastor Becky is holding office hours Monday-Thursday mornings,
9:00-noon. If you intend to come by the church office, please call
first. Please note Pastor Becky is not meeting with people during the
office hours unless it is an emergency, and you are unable to
call/email/text or otherwise communicate with her. If you want to
call, email, text, or video chat with Pastor Becky, she would love
to hear your voice and/or see your face! If you need someone to
listen and/or pray with you, please remember Pastor Becky is
here for you.
In case you need the contact information:
• We are on Facebook and search for One United Church of
Christ! Like our page!
• Pastor Becky’s Contact Info:
610-621-2891, home phone
301-471-3185, cell phone/texting
The fastest way to reach Pastor Becky is by texting her cell phone.
  New Information for Drive-In Outdoor Worship and Communion
  **New information**

One UCC's leadership has also decided to add additional Drive-in/Outdoor worship services on August 16th, August 30th, September 13th, and September 27th.

**New information** Also, the last Sundays of July, August, and September will be communion Sundays, at both Drive-in Worship and virtual worship. If you attend Drive-in Worship, you are welcome to bring your own bread and juice/water if you are not comfortable receiving the elements the church will safely and hygienically provide.

  Drive-up Prayer and Blessing to Resume on June 21st
  Drive-up prayer and blessing will resume on June 21, 2020, from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm at the front of the church building.

  Hearts Full of Prayer
  Our Hope is in God

"I put all my hope in the Lord. He leaned down to me; he listened to my cry for help. 2 He lifted me out of the pit of death, out of the mud and filth, and set my feet on solid rock. He steadied my legs. 3 He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise for our God." (Psalm 40:1-3a, NRSV)

The hearts are a call to deep prayer as we all have been affected by Covid-19. While the death toll in Pennsylvania has slowed in recent days, throughout our country it has not. As of Thursday morning, almost 159,000 people in the United States have died because of Covid-19. According to researchers, this number is likely an underestimate. Yesterday alone over 1,000 people died in the US due to Covid. Today, August 6th, is also the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. Between the bomb on Hiroshima and the one of Nagasaki, an estimated 200,000 people died. At our present rate of death, the US will surpass the death toll of the atomic bombs in Japan in about six weeks. This much preventable loss of life, whether due to war or illness, breaks the heart of God. Friends, may we continue to pray for strength, courage, and hope to shape a better world.

  Green Means Go, Sort Of
  One UCC's Council met in May and determined we will not hold in-person gatherings or meetings until Berks County is green under Pennsylvania's color-coded reopening plan. Our congregation is comprised of many people in high-risk groups, and caring for the vulnerable is a deeply held practice of One UCC. Once Berks County reaches green, we will thoughtfully, carefully, and responsibly begin to make decisions about how to reopen to in-person ministry. We will keep you updated as developments unfold.

As such, the Adult Easter Egg Hunt rescheduled to June 7th is now going to be held some time in the fall. All church meetings that are happening right now are occurring by Zoom or similar digital platforms. VBS and Summer Hangouts with Immanuel UCC are also not happening this summer.

Please be aware that even when Berks County is at green, church will not be back to normal yet. The latest guidance recommends continued social distancing (keeping 6 feet apart), wearing masks, washing hands, and cleaning high-contact surfaces frequently while at green. Another key issue we are monitoring is the role of group singing in spreading the virus.

Keep the faith, friends. As of today, we have not heard of anyone in our congregation who has had Covid-19. These strange virus mitigation measures we're all asked to do are paying off locally and even nationally. We will get through this, and we will do so by the strength of community. That being said, social distance doesn't mean isolation. Keep calling each other and checking in. The Mission Committee and Pastor Becky want to know if you feel isolated and would like someone to check on you. Please let us know what you need.

In the meantime, be well, keep wearing those masks, washing those hands, staying home, and praying fiercely!

  We will continue to share videos on One UCC's YouTube channel and Facebook every other Wednesday for now. Taking inspiration from the every day, we'll continue to answer questions, address things you're curious about, and discuss finding the holy in all kinds of places. If you have a burning faith question or something you would like to see us discuss or cook, message us or contact Pastor Becky ( All askers will be kept anonymous.

The most recent episode, episode 13 "How Do We Know When God Answers Prayer," is found here: Please keep sending your questions.

  Doors to Understanding: You're Invited to a Gallery Opening
  This event is scheduled to open on October 2 at 6:00 pm.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Throughout May, we are going to be working to recognize the importance of mental health within the life of faith and reduce the stigma and shame around mental health issues.

One way we're doing this is through an art exhibit on display at church throughout October.

The exhibit is called "Doors of Understanding" and features the fine art photography of Rachel Conrad.

Evenings in October, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm we are hosting a gallery opening for this show. Everyone is invited. Tickets are $5.00 per person or $10.00 for a family.

Please invite others you think may be interested. Proceeds will benefit a yet to be determined agency in our community that works with mental health education and advocacy,

  Need A Ride to Church?
  Transportation is available for individuals who may need a ride to church or Sunday School. Please call the church office at 610.777.5211 if you would like a ride to Sunday school and Worship.
  Sponsorship Charts for 2020
  The Sponsorship Charts for 2020 are posted in the narthex. Sponsors are needed throughout the year. Please make sure you fill in your name along with the name of whom it is in memory or in honor of.

There is one central dish flower arrangement per week. Costs are Altar Flowers - $30.00 per dish floral arrangement; Eternity Candle $3.50; and Bulletins $5.00.

Thank you for your participation during the year of 2020.
  Spare Change Can for 2020
  "Don't let the spare change you are carrying in your pockets/purses weigh you down! Bring in your spare change to help keep our expenses down."

We are collecting spare change during the year to support the following community activities and utilities:

Mary's Shelter- February, April, June, and December

Bazaar - September and October

Easter Egg Hunt - March

Breakfast with Santa - November

Heating/AC - January and July

Water - May

Church Picnic - August

Thanks for your generosity and contributions to keep these activities happening and keep us solvent.
  Director of Music Contact During 2020
  Jeff Miller, Director of Music, will be available for discussions at the church on Thursdays from 9:30 am to Noon, Wednesdays after choir rehearsal (~ 8:30 pm). and any Sunday after the morning worship service (~11:30 am).

Jeff can also be reached via his cell (contact church for the number) and by email (
  Congregational Visitation Being Started for 2020
  Pastor Becky is starting a congregational visitation program in 2020. She is looking for people who would be interested in visiting with a homebound church member once a month. The visit can be in person or over the phone.

The only qualifications needed to be a congregation visitor are: one hour a month, a caring heart, and a willing spirit.

Training (if you wish) and moral support will be provided.

If you would like to become a congregational visitor or would like more information, please contact Pastor Becky.

  "Can" You Spare a Moment?
  Did you know One UCC collects aluminum beverage cans we recycle to help fund our ministry? We will gladly take any aluminum beverage cans you drop off at church. If you wish to drop some off, please call the office (610-777-5211) to arrange a time to do so. **Please note we ONLY accept aluminum beverage cans. Please do not give us your tin cans (pet food cans, fruit cans, etc...)
  Missed a Sunday? Listen to Podcast on this website
  Podcasts of the Sunday services are now available on the church website (

Currently the podcasts start with November services and will be swapped out weekly for the next few weeks until we are caught up with the current service.

If you missed worship on Sunday or would like to hear parts of it again, please listen to the podcast.

  ATTENTION: All knitters and crocheters
  Would you like to do something mission-oriented with your abilities? Would you like to learn how to knit or crochet? I'd like to find some people interested in starting a Prayer shawl and lap-ghan ministry in our church.

Prayer shawls are intentionally knitted or crocheted while praying for the intended recipient, then given to them in honor of a life changing event (a death in a family, a birth, leaving for college, etc.).

Lap-ghans are for those confined to wheel chairs. Or we could make full-sized afghans for anyone confined to bed.

This is a caring and loving ministry for our congregation and beyond.

Please contact Nancy McNabb if you are interested in joining this ministry. We could meet monthly to pray and chat together.

Welcome to One United Church of Christ. Our church has a new vision statement: "Adapting, Welcoming, Serving, Growing in Faith." Come join us for worship service at 10:30 am on Sunday as we continue to grow this new vision. Our liturgies are crafted in a new way that is welcoming and easy to follow. Our music programs are outstanding with the leadership of our Director of Music, Jeff Miller, who is also composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist for Simon Apple, and Celtic World Orchestra. We hope you will come visit soon and experience our warm hospitality!

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