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January 6, 2021
Dear Friends,

Grace, blessings, and peace to you at the start of this new year! Whatever the year holds, I pray you may sense God’s Spirit accompanying you through it all. As we start a new year, we also are starting a new rhythm in our congregation’s life. Following the Future of the Church plan we voted on almost a year ago, I am now a half-time Pastor (20 hours a week). Since we voted last February, we have worked to begin a lay visitation program to keep in touch with our members who are homebound or who live in care facilities, and we continue to strengthen our lay ministry as expressed through committees and groups who make our ministry to the community happen. Both of these changes have been exciting, and I am deeply grateful for those who have stepped up into greater roles of caring and service. If you would like to become more active in caring and serving, there are plenty of ways you can be connected with One UCC’s ministry. Please reach out to me, and we’ll talk about how you can serve God using your unique gifts and interests at this moment of your life.

With this change of me becoming a part-time, bivocational Pastor, we have all entered new territory. This change means changes in my ministry with One UCC. You will continue to see me leading worship every week, you will continue receiving mailings, emailings, social media updates as you have since March. I will continue to be here for moments of crisis, concern, and questions. I remain your Pastor, it’s just that we have to become more creative about scheduling. The biggest change you will notice is that I will not be as readily available as I once was. Mondays through Fridays, approximately 8am-4pm I will be “working” another job. I will be a full-time student with Kutztown University, and I will be working in a school setting as part of my studies this semester. If you need to reach me during “work hours,” I will not be able to respond until a break or after school. I will get back to you as quickly as possible, and I ask for your understanding and grace for the weeks when I’m swamped with school work or pastoral work. When I’m not in school, I will be doing homework, working on Sunday worship, tending to limited administrative and pastoral care work for our congregation, spending time with my family, and sleeping. Saturdays, to the fullest extent possible, I’m keeping as my sabbath day from church and school.

As we live into this new reality, communication becomes even more important. Here are the best ways to be in touch with me and when to use each communication method. The best way to reach me for an emergency, a quick question, a prayer request, or to notify me of something is by texting/calling my cell phone (301-471-3185). If you need to reach me for something that is not as urgent, email is an excellent way to contact me ( If you wish to talk with me for a reason that is not a crisis, emergency, or is not urgent, the best time to contact me is during my office hours. My office hours are now Sunday mornings, 9am-noon and Wednesday evenings, 5:30-7:30pm. Please feel free to call and/or drop by when conditions allow.

The Epiphany season we are in now is an appropriate season to live into this newness. During this time of the church year, we celebrate beginnings: Jesus’ baptism, the start of his public ministry, and the various ways we are drawn to God. In each beginning, the Holy Spirit is deeply present, and I have no doubt the Spirit is present in One UCC’s new beginning now. May the Spirit continue to guide us, protect us, and give us grace!

Pastor Becky

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