Salem United Church of Christ

307 Covered Bridge Road, Oley, PA  19547
"People Responding to a Still Speaking God"

Welcome Visitors

One behalf of the entire church family, we warmly welcome you to Salem United Church of Christ. Nestled in the beautiful Oley Valley, rich in history and farmlands, Salem is a community of faith that seeks to express Godís love in a broken world. We do that by reaching out to the surrounding community, by demonstrating Christ-like love in our interactions with each other, and by serving as a witness to Christís inclusiveness of all people.

Salem is a congregation of people from varying backgrounds and with various levels of education; we are young and old, traditional and current. Our members are caring, friendly, concerning, giving, welcoming and involved. Itís our purpose to take up the challenge and privilege of living each day in Jesusí name:
† ∑ To care, share and support Godís family
† ∑ To use our individual gifts to love and serve all others
† ∑ To grow in faith, hope keeping the Commandments
† ∑ To rejoice and praise God through worship guided by the Spirit of the Lord
† ∑ To spread the good news through our words and actions to all people

The hospitality is warm and the people are friendly. Here we believe that building community and serving others is far more important than religiosity. So, come, be challenged and refreshed, and find a place where you can make a difference in the world. Youíll be glad that you did.

Yours in Christ, Pastor Robert Witmyer
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