Salem United Church of Christ

307 Covered Bridge Road, Oley, PA  19547
"People Responding to a Still Speaking God"

Hello, I am Pastor Bob Witmyer and I welcome you to Salem UCC. Thank you for visiting our website. We especially enjoy welcoming new friends, and we hope you will visit us soon!
 9:15 AM – Sunday School for All Ages Canceled Until Further Notice
 8:30 AM – Quilters & Crafters Canceled Until Further Notice
  Worship in Salem's Parking Lot
  Kathy and I have explored the possibility of doing a drive-up service. We would attempt to use the amplifier system with the portable organ, the one we use for the outdoor worship service, as a way of projecting the sound into the parking lot. We hope that this will allow folks to hear if they have their windows down. We are going to try to see if this works for us. We plan to have our first drive up service on June 21st (Fatherís Day) at 9:30 AM in the Salem UCC parking lot. We will also be recording this service, as well, so we can post it for those who cannot come. People will have to remain in their cars with their windows open. Please make sure your offering is in an envelope with the appropriate church marked on it. We will have no way of figuring out loose offering. If it is raining, we will not be able to have the service outside (electrical issues) so we will be asking you to remain at home. If that is the case, then services will then be recorded and posted.
If things work out well for this drive up service and folks can hear, we will plan to hold a second drive up service on June 28th at 9:30 AM in the Salem UCC parking lot with the same rules, weather permitting. The next two weeks, Pastor Bob and Kathy are on vacation so both of those services (July 5 and July 12) will be recorded prior to their leaving and posted on YouTube and Facebook. This is being done this way to save money for both congregations, so we do not have to pay for a supply pastor and organist. On Sundays July 19th and July 26th ,we plan to again have drive-up services at 9:30 AM in the Salem UCC parking lot, weather permitting with the possibility of allowing folks to bring lawn chairs to sit outside their cars.

Welcome to Salem UCC, a diverse group from different backgrounds, different places, and with different gifts, all joining together as a family to do the work of the church. We are a community who believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, a community that strives to be faithful in all that it does for the glory of God. We are an active, talented group here at Salem UCC. There are many niches to fill. Some are as traditional and long-standing as the Church itself. Other niches are filled by people who come along and create them! Everybody fits here because we are family. Who are We? We are people who value faithful commitment, full devotion to Jesus, praise and worship, teamwork, and raising children and youth in the Christian faith. We are the family of God here at Salem UCC. Come meet the family!

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