Salem United Church of Christ

307 Covered Bridge Road, Oley, PA  19547
"People Responding to a Still Speaking God"

Hello, I am Pastor Bob Witmyer and I welcome you to Salem UCC. Thank you for visiting our website. We especially enjoy welcoming new friends, and we hope you will visit us soon!
 11:30 AM – Soup & Word
 9:00 AM – Sunday School for All Ages
 8:00 AM – Worship/Communion @ Salem UCC
 10:15 AM – Worship/Communion @ Christ Lutheran
 9:00 AM – Quilters & Crafters
 9:30 AM – Women's Guild Meeting
  Bread, Bowl & Bible
  This Spring we’ll participate in the Oley Cluster’s return of Bread, Bowl and Bible (3-6pm Sundays in March). The dates are Sunday, March 3, and Sunday, March 10. The theme for this years is; “Biblical Storytelling: Seeing Our Story in God’s Story”. Our presenter will be The Rev. Dr. Eugene Zaiser. The Oley Cluster congregations will take turns providing soup & bread meals for this time of Faith Formation, Fellowship and Food! This 2-part series will be hosted at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1749 S. Main St. Bechtelsville, PA 19505.
  OGHS Offering
  " Give and change the world---It really is that simple”
On Sunday, March 10th , we will join with Christians in nine other denominations in receiving our One Great Hour of Sharing offering. Did you know One Great Hour of Sharing responds to disasters on average every 2.5 days, while it changes lives 365 days each year? Your gift to One Great Hour of Sharing is hard at work in 138 countries, including the U.S. When you make a gift to the offering you become a partner in the refugee, disaster relief, and community development efforts of the United Church of Christ. Through One Great Hour of Sharing, our gifts meet compelling needs, while also bringing the blessing of compassion into our own lives. The current economic situation is challenging for many of us. For many others, it has pushed beyond challenging to be life-threatening. I intend to increase my gift this year, and encourage you to consider doing so, also.  Let us come on March 10th with a generous, even sacrificial, gift for One Great Hour of Sharing. Sharing your resources, you'll change lives — including your own. " Give and change the world---It really is that simple”
  Palm Sunday
  Come join us for worship on March 24th and celebrate the coming of the King, “Jesus Christ” as he rides into Jerusalem. There will be loud hosannas”, waving of palms, and “lifting the Lord’s name on High”. Don’t miss it. There will be a service at Salem UCC at 10:15 AM.
  Soup & Word
  This year I would like to again offer an opportunity for those who would like to spend some time in a Lenten devotional journey. The last several years, we have had a good response to this event. This year, it will again be held every Wednesday during Lent, starting with Wednesday, February 21, 2024. Those attending would meet from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM for Soup, Bread and the Word. There will be a signup sheet to get a general idea about how much food to prepare. Please don’t hesitate to come if you didn’t sign up; there will be enough for all, I’m sure. If you can only come to one or two sessions, please come.
  Maundy Thursday
  March 28th will be our celebration of Maundy Thursday. The service, this year, will be held at Christ ELCA at 6 PM with the celebration of a Sedar meal and the Last Supper. Look for
information about tickets for the meal. Please come out and celebrate the Lord’s Supper as we journey with Jesus to the cross this Lent.

  Lenten Daily Devoltional
  During Lent, Pastor Bob will be again posting on YouTube and Facebook a daily Lenten devotional following themes “Creation to Salvation” from “Marci Alborghetti”. Look for an email in your email box with the You tube link or check on Facebook on Salem’s or Christ Lutheran’s pages for the daily devotional. I hope these will be helpful as we journey together this Lenten Season.
  Good Friday Vigil
  The vigil will be held Friday, March 29th and it will begin at 5 AM and last till 3 PM. We need people to sign up for half hour time slots. The purpose is to have someone praying during the hours that Jesus would have been suffering and dying on the cross. We will have the Sanctuary at Salem UCC open during this vigil. The time slots will begin at 5 AM in the morning the next time slot is 5:30AM, 6:00AM, 6:30AM and so on until 3:00PM. The signup sheet will be posted on the bulletin board in the hallway in Salem. Even if you don’t get to sign up, you can come and spend a half hour in prayer if you want, we just want to have each slot covered by someone. Please consider spending just one-half hour in sacrifice for the one who gave his life so you could have life.
  Good Friday Service
  Good Friday service will be held on Friday March 29th, at 7:00 PM. This service is an appropriate way to end our Lenten journey. So many Christians tend to ignore Good Friday, the day Christ was crucified, or they want to jump right into the Easter Celebrations. Friends, please remember we cannot have the resurrection of Christ without His crucifixion. This is an important day for the life of the church, and we should take time to be in worship and prayer sometime during Good Friday. This year, the service will be held at Salem UCC, and it will also be recorded and posted online for you to worship by. The service will be a light to darkness service .
  Easter Sunday Services
  On March 31st there will be two services, an 8 AM service at Salem UCC and 10:15 AM at Christ ELCA. Let us celebrate together the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We will also record the service and post it for you to worship on Facebook and YouTube. We will have communion on this special day at both the 8 AM and 10:15 AM services.
  Easter Dawn Service
  This year, we will hold an Easter Dawn service. It will be held in the Cemetery area in front of Salem UCC at 6:30 AM. The service will be about 30 minutes in length with some singing (acapella) we will not have communion at this service.

Welcome to Salem UCC, a diverse group from different backgrounds, different places, and with different gifts, all joining together as a family to do the work of the church. We are a community who believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, a community that strives to be faithful in all that it does for the glory of God. We are an active, talented group here at Salem UCC. There are many niches to fill. Some are as traditional and long-standing as the Church itself. Other niches are filled by people who come along and create them! Everybody fits here because we are family. Who are We? We are people who value faithful commitment, full devotion to Jesus, praise and worship, teamwork, and raising children and youth in the Christian faith. We are the family of God here at Salem UCC. Come meet the family!

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