St. John's
United Church of Christ

11 South Price Street, Pottstown, PA  19464
"A welcoming, caring and friendly faith community with a Mission, Message and Savior for all"

Welcome Visitors

It is my extreme pleasure and joy to invite you to St. Johnís United Church of Christ on behalf of a welcoming Christian family. In our midst you will find all ages working together to promote Godís name, the teachings of Jesus, and the love we are called to give as members of Christís church. We share, what we can, so that those who are in need may find food, shelter, clothing, and a sense of purpose in their lives. Our gifts and talents are widespread allowing us to be a well-rounded congregation.

Our Sunday School program begins at the early age of infancy and progresses through the age of ďno ending.Ē We believe you are never too young nor too old to learn about our God and His Son. We have other programs for our children such as Youth Club and Vacation Bible School as well as a book club for Adults and a very active Guild that does tremendous things for our community.

Here at St. Johnís you will find a caring, inter-generational family with programs and activities for all ages. The hospitality is our drawing point and the people eager to greet you. We believe that it is far more important to come together in worship and share the love that God has given to us with others than to just sit around thinking about our faith. We act on our faith in all sorts of mission fields. So if you are interested in feeling at home and eager to put your faith to active work, please join us at St. Johnís where you will find that we are a welcoming, caring and friendly faith community with a mission, message, and Savior for all.

Pastor Karen Nuscher-Creasy
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