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St. Peter's Cemetery

St. Peterís Union Cemetery was established in 1773. The cemetery consists of two parts simply referred to as the old and the new. Originally, the old cemetery was a small plot of ground located close to St. Peterís Church. As the cemetery grew, local government mandated the cemetery have paved roads to provide easier access. The roads were built, and the cemetery board used this opportunity to section off larger plots of open ground which was intended for expansion. The cemetery as it exists today consists of the original older part and this newer expansion area. Graves that are currently available for sale are in this newer part of the cemetery. One does not have to be a member to purchase graves.

Due to its long presence in the community, there are certain historical aspects of the cemetery which are of interest to many people. The Palm Schwenkfelder Library and the Pennsylvania German Heritage Center of Kutztown have used cemetery records to compile a list of names of all those buried on cemetery grounds. Private individuals have also independently researched cemetery records in an effort to build family trees.

Six special bronze plaques can be found in St. Peterís Cemetery. These plaques were donated by a veteranís association in memory of certain persons of historical significance. One of these plaques marks the grave of a Civil War veteran.

Cemetery business is conducted by a Board of Trustees which consists of 6 members and the offices of president, treasurer, and recording secretary. The Board meets at least quarterly.

No permanent plantings are permitted on the cemetery, and, for maintenance purposes, flowers placed on graves will be removed twice a year on March 15 and November 15.

For more information and pricing call the Church Office: 610-966-3030

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