St. Peter's Union Church

7863 St. Peters Rd, Macungie, PA  18062
"Inviting all to grow and live joyfully centered in Christ"

Welcome to St. Peterís. We are a warm and friendly church and love to make new friends. So, if you don't have a church home, come visit us and consider St. Peter's as your church.
 7:00 PM – Chimes Practice
 7:45 PM – Choir Practice
 9:00 AM – Sunday Morning Worship
 9:00 AM – Sunday School (2nd Sunday of the month)
  Dates To Remember
Thursdays Choir/Chimes
Friday, January 6 Community Meal
Sunday, January 8 Sunday School
Monday, January 9 Cemetery Board
Tuesday, January10 Church Board
Friday, January 20 Soup Sale
Saturday, January 21 Soup Sale
Sunday, January 22 Annual Congregational Mtg
Sunday, January 29 Annual Congregational Mtg
Snow Date

Thursdays Choir/Chimes
Friday, February 3 Community Meal
Sunday, February 12 Sunday School
Tuesday, February 14 Church Board
Thursday, February 16 Newsletter Mailing
  Lent Begins Early In March
  On Wednesday, March 1 we will gather at 7 PM for our traditional Ash Wednesday Service, which will include Holy Communion. The use of Ashes as a sign of repentance is an ancient practice, often mentioned in Scripture. In our time, ashes symbolize at least two aspects of our human life. They remind us of Godís condemnation of sin and the shortness of our own human life. We are reminded that the words of the committal in the burial service ĖďÖ earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dustĒ will one day be said over us. The imposition of ashes following the confession on Ash Wednesday is a sign that we have confessed our sinfulness, that in our human condition we are dying, and that we are totally dependent upon God for life. Those who choose not to receive the ashes simply remain in the pew.
  Tax Statements For 2016
Anybody, who wishes to receive a tax statement of contributions for tax purposes, should contact our Church Office.
  Some Help Is Needed
  As St. Peterís Place is getting rented on a more regular basis, it means that it has to be cleaned more often. That is obvious; but what isnít so obvious is that. That cleaning needs to involve more members. Those who were doing it just canít keep doing it without some help! Hence you will see a sign-up sheet posted in the Galleria asking that individuals sign up to help with the cleaning for one month out of the year. If we can get teams to take just month, the job becomes manageable AND no one gets burned out. Appearance, next to a welcoming atmosphere, is the most important factor as to whether or not someone will come back to St. Peterís. So please consider volunteering to use your gifts in this ďmenialĒ but most important way. Thank you!!
  Be A Part Of Our Worship Team
  We are always looking for volunteers to be a part of our worship team on Sundays. Please consider using your gifts in this way. Sign-up to be an Usher, Lay Reader, or Acolyte. These tasks are important as we gather for worship each week Ė and they can be done by anyone, including YOU! Please volunteer today. Thank you.
  Our Wider Church Connections
  Click on the wording, UCC Website, at the bottom of this page for more information about the United Church of Church. Click here to visit the website of our sister denomination, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
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At St. Peterís denominational labels arenít as important as simply doing ministry in Christ's name. Although founded over a century and half ago, St. Peterís continues to look for, and embrace new ways to do ministry in the 21st Century. We are a congregation of 150 members affiliated with both the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the United Church of Christ. Situated in a rural setting on the edge of Lehigh County, St. Peterís is bordered by both a large grove of shade trees, and a church cemetery. In addition to the main church building and attached classroom wing, there is also a new adjacent multi-use facility - ideal for meetings, wedding receptions, or retreats. All are welcome.

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