St. Peter's Union Church

7863 St. Peters Rd, Macungie, PA  18062
"Inviting all to grow and live joyfully centered in Christ"

Welcome to St. Peterís. We are a warm and friendly church and love to make new friends. So, if you don't have a church home, come visit us and consider St. Peter's as your church.
 7:00 PM – Chimes Practice
 7:45 PM – Choir Practice
 9:00 AM – Sunday Morning Worship
  Some Help Is Needed
  As St. Peterís Place is getting rented on a more regular basis, it means that it has to be cleaned more often. That is obvious; but what isnít so obvious is that. That cleaning needs to involve more members. Those who were doing it just canít keep doing it without some help! Hence you will see a sign-up sheet posted in the Galleria asking that individuals sign up to help with the cleaning for one month out of the year. If we can get teams to take just month, the job becomes manageable AND no one gets burned out. Appearance, next to a welcoming atmosphere, is the most important factor as to whether or not someone will come back to St. Peterís. So please consider volunteering to use your gifts in this ďmenialĒ but most important way. Thank you!!
  Reformation Sunday
  Have you ever wondered why we celebrate Reformation Sunday, on the last Sunday of October, and so close to Halloween? Well, it was no accident that Martin Luther chose October 31st to nail his 95 theses to the castle door in Wittenberg, Germany Ė an act which many view as the start of the Protestant Reformation. It had nothing to do with goblins or ghosts, candy or costumes. Rather, Luther knew that on the next day, All Saints Day, everyone in town would file past on their way to church, and thus would notice his posting. You could say it was tricky timing.

Yet while church leaders probably did not see it this way at the time, Luther also provided the entire church with a treat. You see, Lutherís 95 theses got people talking about church, faith, and theology. And that was a good thing.

Almost 500 years later we still debate some of the things Luther wrote about, as Christians continue to struggle with how to be true to the calling of Jesus. It is a challenge. Join others at The Lutheran Center on October 30th from 2:00-5:00 PM as we discuss ďa new reformationĒ and ways to meet this challenge today in our Lehigh Mission District. Faith is full of tricks and treats!
  It's Continuing....
  Gathering for a time of fun, food, and games has become a new tradition around here, at St. Peterís! Plan now to join us on Wednesday night, December 31st, from 6 to 9PM as we once again gather together. Check your closets, and dust off those old board games, or decks of cards! All games and any age players are welcome!! Invite a friend and be sure to join us for this yearís ďfinal tournamentď; and to ring in the New Year.
  Pencil It In
  Sunday, October 2 Blessing of the Pets
Sunday, October 2 Worldwide Communion
Monday, October 3 Cemetery Board @ 7 PM
Wednesday, October 5 Cookie Baking
Thursday, October 6 Choir Practices
Friday, October 7 Community Meal
Sunday, October 9 Harvest Home Sunday
Sunday School 9 AM
Tuesday, October 11 Church Board @ 7 PM
Thursday, October 13 Choir Practices
Tuesday, October 18 Fun Night @ Friendlyís
Thursday, October 20 Newsletter Mailing 10 AM
Choir Practices
Sunday, October 23 Basket Social @ 11:30
Thursday, October 27 Choir Practices
Sunday, October 30 Reformation Sunday
Sunday, November 1st All Saints Sunday
  All Saints Sunday
  November 6th is All Saints Sunday. During the Prayers on that Sunday we will be remembering all those members of St. Peters who have died during the past year, and who now rest with all the saints in heaven. If you know of someone who lost a loved one, please invite him or her to attend worship. We will also remember those who have left bequests to the church during the past year that have supported our ministries.

  Get Your Information In Early
  In order to insure the success of various programs, trips, and/or fund-raisers it is important that they are publicized in our bulletins, newsletters, and online weeks and even months ahead! With schedules the way they are today for families, time is precious; and dates need to be reserved well in advance.
  Be A Part Of Our Worship Team
  We are always looking for volunteers to be a part of our worship team on Sundays. Please consider using your gifts in this way. Sign-up to be an Usher, Lay Reader, or Acolyte. These tasks are important as we gather for worship each week Ė and they can be done by anyone, including YOU! Please volunteer today. Thank you.
  Our Wider Church Connections
  Click on the wording, UCC Website, at the bottom of this page for more information about the United Church of Church. Click here to visit the website of our sister denomination, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
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At St. Peterís denominational labels arenít as important as simply doing ministry in Christ's name. Although founded over a century and half ago, St. Peterís continues to look for, and embrace new ways to do ministry in the 21st Century. We are a congregation of 150 members affiliated with both the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the United Church of Christ. Situated in a rural setting on the edge of Lehigh County, St. Peterís is bordered by both a large grove of shade trees, and a church cemetery. In addition to the main church building and attached classroom wing, there is also a new adjacent multi-use facility - ideal for meetings, wedding receptions, or retreats. All are welcome.

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