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On Easter Sunday we greet one another with the joyful words "Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!" Easter is the celebration of Christ's bodily resurrection. Jesus died on the cross and was buried. On the third day Jesus came back to life; walking, talking, sharing meals and conversations For forty days Jesus was literally a "dead man walking," something that is difficult for us to wrap our modern, rational, minds around. When I teach Christ's Easter resurrection to our Lil' Angels Christian preschoolers, one inevitably asks, "Did that really happen?" After all, we teach our children that death is a permanent state. We want them to understand that death is different than just sleeping. When someone dies, she or he does not wake up. The concept o f bodily resurrection defies our post-enlightenment logic. None of us have personally ever witnessed or heard of a dead and buried person coming to life multiple days later. As such, this single most important event in our Christian faith can also be problematic. Perhaps you secretly ask yourself, "Did that really happen?" even while outwardly proclaiming "Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!"

The Rev. Leslie Moughty responds to questions about the resurrection like this: "I wasn't there, I don't know if it happened or no, but I know that it's true... if the disciples had access t video cameras, I don't know if the resurrection is something they could have captured on video, but I know that the message of the resurrection is true. It's the message that what we perceive to be dead may yet bring new life, that the story isn't always over when we think it is, that sometimes, God inspires and creates things that we couldn't have imagined before it happened."

If we waste our time trying to rationalize and explain how God could reanimated dead and decomposing cells, we miss the point of Easter. The real good news of Easter is that horror, hatred, violence, and pain are not the end of the story. The real good news of Easter is that even when we have given up hope, God still has more surprises in store. The good news is that God births new things whether or not we can perceive or even imagine them!

The truth of Easter is that God can make anything new...And if that is not worthy of our "Hallelujahs!" then I don't know what is!

Pastor Leslie

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